Trinity University Press is a mission-driven nonprofit publisher with a focus on the following areas. (If your work is not clearly related, please reconsider submitting, as it is highly unlikely to be suitable for publication by us.)

  • Humans and their physical environments. Exploring the relationships between humans and the physical environments they engage in with a particular focus on meaningful dialogue, advocacy, and conservation, especially nature, wilderness, and landscape; environmental sustainability and climate change; animals and wildlife; architecture and the built environment; and cultural heritage. 
  • Social change, equity, and inclusion. Facilitating new perspectives on social equity issues, especially as they relate to our other areas of editorial focus. Narrative prose books with creative approaches to topics that range in unpredictable variety but at their heart share literary style and virtuosity.
  • Regional interest. Surprising stories, cultural narratives, and unique perspectives that enhance our understanding of our home in Texas, extending to the Southwest, Mexico, and the Americas.
  • Writing about place. Collections exploring cultural identity in tangible ways alongside the inherent and ascribed meanings of specific places to inform a broader understanding of the uniqueness and universality of cultural heritage, diversity, and the way we live in the world. 
  • Writing in nontraditional communities. Exploring the writing process as a form of critical communication, therapy, social service, and activism in order to understand other cultures.
  • Bilingual early childhood education. Facilitating bilingual (Spanish-English) education through concept board books and other content designed for children ages 0 to 5, with visual art as the primary teaching tool (limited to the Arte Kids book series). 

We specifically do not accept unsolicited proposals to publish works of fiction, poetry, business, self-help, religion/theology, and children’s/young adult.

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